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  • "Dr. Aaron is unlike any chiropractor I've ever gone to. In fact, he's the only one I've gone back to see more than once. Everyone else unnaturally cracks things and I've left in pain and sore for days, beating myself about going in the first place. Dr. Aaron helped me during my pregnancy and helped re-align my body. I can't say it was his doing but my second child's labor took 24 hours and my 3rd child, after seeing him was only a 5 1/2 hour birth which helped me reach my goal of having no drugs or pain killers. My body worked the way it was supposed to! I trust Dr. Aaron implicitly!"
    Christine W.
  • "Dr. Aaron is the best! After seeing him for several years, I would recommend him for maintenance adjustments and for the treatment of injuries. As an active person who recently experienced an injury, Dr. Aaron was quick to respond with stretches and tips to help ease the pain until I saw him. When he treated me, he was able to determine what was triggering the pain and helped adjust it."
    Robert V.
  • "Dr. Pazik is a true professional at the most convenience possible for chiropractic care!! I would recommend him to anyone. I've been working with Aaron over a year and his active release techniques have done wonders for me as an ex college athlete. 5 stars!"
    Dave W.
  • "Life changing! I was having hip problems and had already tried 10 weeks of physical therapy, acupuncture, and trigger points injections. Dr. Pazik has worked on me three times and I am feeling amazing! Thank you!"
    Amy H.
  • "Dr. Aaron is fantastic. Not only does he come to you but after every appointment I feel like a million bucks. He takes the time to listen to you and gives you the treatment you need to feel better. If you live in Northern NJ, I highly recommend you call Dr. Aaron Pazik of Peak Spinal Care."
    Patricia S.
  • "Thanks Dr. Aaron for taking care of my chiropractic needs."
    Cory Michael
  • "Dr. Aaron really helped my shoulder and a long-time ankle injury. He really knows his stuff!"
    John H.
  • "Dr. Aaron is one of the best chiropractors out there. He is not just going to give you the standard treatment many would expect. He will help you find the cause of your pain and get you on the right path to correcting movement/positional faults that are causing it. He is also a crossfitter/crossfit enthusiast. Powerful Dr. Aaron."
    Joe A.
  • "Dr. Pazik is convenient because he comes to you. More importantly, he's knowledgeable and listens to his patients before he treats them."
    Manny R.
  • "Wish he traveled to WNY! He's awesome!! I really miss being able to see Dr. Aaron every week."
    Anne S.
  • "Dr. Aaron rocks!"
    Jason S.


You decided to be a weekend warrior with your exercise program, and now your back is killing you. Or perhaps you’ve had stiffness in your shoulder for years, but you’ve just never had time to go see a chiropractor. Or maybe it’s your neck, sciatica, or frequent headaches that are giving you problems. Worry, no more, because…


Instead of you having to sit and wait in an office after you’ve already made an appointment, now the chiropractor comes to you! Go ahead! Go about your day until he arrives!

  • No more sitting around a boring waiting room
  • Savings of time and energy
  • Increased productivity, because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing until the doctor arrives
  • No fighting traffic to get to and from an office appointment, possibly making you late for other appointments

If you are looking for Chiropractic care based in Northern NJ and servicing Morris County, Peak Spinal Care is for you. The unique mobile, or “traveling,” business provides personalized chiropractic and rehabilitation services at your Northern New Jersey location.

Peak Spinal Care’s specialties include:

  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Graston Technique
  • Rocktape
  • Torque Release Technique
  • Gentle Adjusting (no twisting or cracking)

Mobile services have proven very beneficial for individuals with widely varying needs:

  • Employees demanding schedules or difficulty getting away
  • Busy moms or dads who don’t want to find babysitters
  • People with a desire to stay out of the public eye
  • Touring athletes and entertainers
  • Patients preferring a more one-on-one personalized experience

If the idea of having a Northern New Jersey chiropractor come to your home or office appeals to you, contact us today at (973) 934-1787 for an appointment.

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